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    Formatting Checkboxes



      Formatting Checkboxes


      Hello all,

      I am new to filemaker and I feel like this is a ridiculous question to ask, but for the life of me I cannot find the answer.  When using a checkbox set, how do I change the formatting (fill color, line color) of the actual checkbox itself?  I have tried all the options in the Inspector and tried right clicking the box and changing the fill and pen color there and both times they only seem to effect the formatting of the Field container and don't change a thing about the actual checkbox.  I'm sure there is something obvious I am missing, and if someone could point me to it I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!

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          You cannot change the fill color of just the check box itself. The only change you can make is to the color of the box's border by changing the field's line color. Since this also assigns a color to any border on the field to match, you may have to turn off borders and use a transparent rectangle to get a "border" for the field with a different color.

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            If you can't change the fill color, then how is it that the default solutions that come with the Filemaker software, specifically the product catalog one I believe, has a black check box?  I can copy and paste it right into my database and it preserves the black line and fill color, but I cannot figure out how to change that color to fit what I want.  There doesn't seem to be anything grouped to it so I am not at all sure how they managed it.  Any other ideas?

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              I took a quick look at that starter solution. If I'm looking at the same checkboxes you saw, the field has been sized to be the same size as the "box" part of the check box and layout text has been placed next to it to identify the value entered when you click the check box. That's how the "new product" check box field is set up. The In Catalog checkbox below it actually enters a 1 when the check box is clicked. Thus, a fill color for the entire field provides the fill color for the check box--and while they didin't do that in this layout, this can alos be set up as a conditional format that changes the fill color when the field is not empty.

              This works for a field formatted with a single value but not if you have a group of check box values for the same field.

              Some developers also work around this by using layout text with conditional formats set up as buttons. Clicking the "check box" performs a script to enter/delete the value and a conditional format changes the size and/or color to show which values have been selected. This also allows the developer to use other symbols, such as a "tick mark" in place of the standard "x in a box" look.

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                It's true that yes I only want the single checkbox and I do have the field sized to the same dimensions as the actual "box" part.  However the fill color for the field has no effect on the color of the box itself.  Both on the inspector and when right-clicking the field "No Fill" and "No Line" are selected, so that can't possibly be where the color for the check box is coming from.  I only need this to work for a single value, but I still don't find any option I can change that has any effect on color of the checkbox itself, no matter what changes I make to the Field formatting.  On the starter solution I can't even figure out a way to change the color they have the checkbox set to, changing fill color of the field only changes the space around the box.  Sorry to be a bother with such a simple problem, but it is driving me nuts!

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                  We're all learning new details about FileMaker 12.

                  I did some more checking. In FileMaker 12, the theme specified for the layout can specify a fill color for fields and this will override the fill color settings specified in the inspector. If you look at all the fields in that layout, you'll find that all are filled with a very dark, nearly black shade of grey. If you change the theme, the color of all the fields will change to reflect the new theme specified.

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                    Wow, I never would have figured that out.  Okay, so then if I want to keep the theme I have selected for my layout but just alter the fill color of the checkbox fields, is there a way to do that?  Or can you not disassociate the fields from the theme and prevent it from overriding your changes to the formatting?

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                      Still learning as I figure out themes. I still find my self switching to basic layout as I am not a big fan of the "padded, round" fields produced by the themes.

                      I selected the check box field and clicked the "remove all styles" button at the top of the appearance tab in the inspector. Then I selected a red fill color and was able to produce a field with a red fill instead of the near black specified by the theme...

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                        Perfect, that is exactly what I was looking for.  Just needed to find that button to strip all styles and it removes the "theme" formatting and I can freely make my own fill and line color changes.  Thank you very much for taking the time to look into this for me!

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                               If i could add to this with my own question.

                               So I'm trying to modify the checkbox itself.  I have attached a photo, the one on the left is a theme checkbox (Contrast Red), and the one on the right is a strip down no style checkbox.

                               I can't seem to find any settings that allow me to change any formatting or style of the checkbox.

                               Does anyone know how?

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                                 I'd like to know if anyone can get the "X" in the check box a different colour. It seems this would be a good idea as it would be a good way to highlight more important checkboxes ...

                                 Strange that this isn't an option ...

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                                   Chris D.

                                   I am pretty positive that the color of the X is based upon the font color you have selected for the field.  The same also seems to apply to the size, meaning that to make the check box larger or smaller you change the font size.


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                                     Hi Brandon,

                                     Yes, so was I, but it don't work :/

                                     It changes the colour of the text, box outline, but it ain't changing the cross in the middle ...

                                     An option for FM14 please :)

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                                       Did you be sure to first remove any style options from the checkbox field as Phil suggested above?  That is what fixed my issue, and may be why yours wont change your selected theme is overriding your font selections

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                                         Hi Brandon,

                                         You're right. I just got that to work. But I can't get the borders of the checkboxes to be different colour.

                                         Ideally, the checkbox square would be black, and the check "x" would be red, so easier to see ...