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Formatting different types of data in one field

Question asked by ultranix on Feb 21, 2012
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Formatting different types of data in one field


I have a calculation field in which I mix Date and Amount of money.

If I that same date and amount of money in a merge field, i.e. <<date>> | <<amount_of_money>>, then i'm able to give 2012-02-21 date format instead of 2/21/2012 and 1.350,00 Lt. instead of 1350 Lt. for money.

However, if use calculation field with the formula date & " | " & amount_of_money, then, when i use that field in a type of merge field alone (i.e. <<calculation>>), i'm not able to format neither date, nor amount of money (or decimal).

As for date, i could get the desired effect, if i put it like this year(date) & "-" & month(date) & "-" & day (date).

But how do i get thousand separator and fixed 2 decimals?

I'm sure there's a solution to this.