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Formatting field-Percent or Currency

Question asked by RolandGomez on Aug 3, 2015
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Formatting field-Percent or Currency


Hello Everyone,

I've got a little issue. I'm in the finance world and the boss is always asking for reports, reports, reports! I have a field (calculation) that is extracting information from two other fields. Essentially:

Field A (number) = Percentage

Field B (number)= Currency

Field C(calculation)= If (Is Empty (Field A); Field B; If ( IsEmpty (Field B); Field A))

Ok, works perfectly, except for one thing. In "Field C" I am have difficulty demonstrating the formatting of the extracted information. I need it to show whether it's a Percentage (Field A) or Currency (Field B).

Any ideas? You peeps are always so awesome, thanks for everything!