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Formatting fields

Question asked by tays01s on Aug 24, 2013
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Formatting fields


     Context is 2 portals with a triple row of fields in 1 and 1 row in the other. Each row refers to a different component of a parameter; each column is that parameter.



     1. I need to repeatedly re-align rows and columns as I adjust fields to accommodate data + add some new fields. Q:

     a) Apart from shift+individual selection of each field, how do you go about applying alignment? I have tried shift+drag but this method of selection doesn't permit the same alignment (it's  a mess).

     b) These fields are on a tab and this appears to change the way alignment works. Eg. if you align 2 rows to align to the leftmost of the rows they actually align to the left of the tab.

     2. I want to add same conditional formatting to each field, albeit with different fields. Is there a way to save some time by copying this formatting?