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    Formatting fields for searches



      Formatting fields for searches


      How do I make a textbox that has a grayed out content, and when I click on it to enter text, the grayed out portion, it disappears and allows me to enter the desired text?
           For example - field containing "first name" will show "first name" grayed out in the textbox.  When I go to perform a search if I click on the box to enter a first name to search, the text disappears and shows what I am typing.

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               Create "first name" as layout text and specify your grey text color.

               Place it on top of your field.

               Use Conditional formatting with this expression:

               Not IsEmpty ( YourTable::FirstName )

               To set the text to a very large font size (about 120+ works in most cases).

               When the user clicks or tabs into the field the layout text will disappear while the field has the focus. When you exit the field, the text will remain invisible if the field contains any data. If the user leaves the field empty, the layout text will re-appear.