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Formatting layout for a catalog report

Question asked by NewRed on Jan 6, 2010
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Formatting layout for a catalog report


I am trying to design a report that displays information in a catalog format. The catalog has multiple sections grouped by a Category field. I have created a Sub-summary Part that sorts by Category and I have placed the Category field in the Sub-summary so that the data in the Body of the report shows up under the appropriate Category heading. My problem is that each category has a description that varies in length. I can use the Sliding/Printing feature to shrink the field, but I still end up with empty space because the height of the Sub-summary Part stays the same.


Is there any way to shrink the Sub-summary Part? I am working in Filemaker Pro 9. I have some experience with Filemaker, but I've not had any formal training so there are gaps in my knowledge.



Thank you for any assistance you can offer.