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    formatting list view



      formatting list view


           how do I format list view for a table/layout?

           when in browse mode, list view does not make a list, instead it scrolls through the records in form view. I need to format list view to be an actual list with columns.


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               Arrange your fields so that the label text for each field is a row in the header just above the boundary between header and body. Place the corresponding fields in a single row in the body, aligned with the labels above them. Drag the boundary between body and footer up as far as you can drag it so that the body is just a narrow band the same height as your single row of fields.

               Now return to browse mode and make sure that List View is selected instead of Form view.

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                 Oh yes, make sure that the upper edge of the fields do not touch or cross the header/body boundary. You may need to select them and top the down arrow once to nudge them down away from the line. Objects that touch or cross this line are treated as part of the header, but any part that extends past the line is not visible.

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                   when in layout mode it will only format form view.

                   in browse mode, I enter list view. then I go to layout mode. then I move stuff around and save layout and go back to browse mode. the edits I made have affected form view as well as list view.

                   I need these to be separate formats. how do I do that?

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                     You'll need two different layouts.

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                       if I need two different layouts, then what is list view supposed to do?

                       in older versions I have used, this wasn't a problem. you could format list view to be a list of fields you choose from the table. in this version, it isn't even a list, just a scrolling of form view.

                       in the help topics, it even says it is supposed to form a list. it also references an assistant: in About Layout Types, it says: In the assistant you can choose to...  what is the assistant and how do I get to it?

                       and if I need 2 layouts, that seems like a lot of button pushing to get a list because then you need to change layouts and enter list view, as in the templates. but this is cumbersome for some of my users.

                       what should I do?

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                         I think you are confusing LIST view with TABLE view. Table view gives you a dynamic table like view of the data that does not directly reflect the design that you set up  while in layout mode and where you can add/hide/size/reposition columns of data while in Browse mode.

                         The way these views work are unchanged from older versions. The really old versions didn't have Table View, but list and form view have always functioned this way. If you want both views, you set up two layouts and add buttons to switch the user between layouts to move to and from the two views of your data. Since you'd have to click a button to change the view option on the layout anyway, clicking a single button to change layouts is just as simple for the user.

                         The "assistant" is the Layout design wizard that starts up automatically when you select new layout--which can be the first step to adding that list view layout we are discussing.