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Formatting of report using calculation fields

Question asked by MatthewMackay on Aug 22, 2011
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Formatting of report using calculation fields


Good afternoon,


The body of my report layout is designed to replicate a grid system, almost an excel style spreadsheet where cells expand and contract depending on the contents of the cells in that row. The picture attached shows this and also shows the problem I'm having.


There are 2 calculations that effect this;

List ( Substitute ( List ( Colour ; Material ) ; ¶ ; " " ) ; Description ; TextStyleAdd (Fittings;Italic) ; Brand ; Serial )


This creates the middle column and;


Let ([ Litem = Length (Report Item);

LDescrip = Length (Report Description);

LComments = Length (Report Comments) ];

Case (Litem ≥ LDescrip and Litem ≥ LComments; Report Item;

LDescrip ≥ Litem and LDescrip ≥ LComments;

Report Description; Report Comments) )


Which expands or contracts the given 3 fields depending on how many characters are in each. 


As you can see from the image, due to the latter calculation, we are some times left with gaps in the report. Is there any way to change the 2nd calculation to be calculated by line breaks?