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Formatting output in a grid

Question asked by JanHarrington on Oct 22, 2011
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Formatting output in a grid


I need to set up a layout that displays the records in a grid -- a two-dimensional array -- five records across and eight records down. Each block in the grid has a unique grid sequence number (so the blocks will order properly), and most have a block number and a time, neither of which are unique. (Some of the "cells" don't have block numbers, but they do have sequence numbers.) Associated with each block number are data from another table (two or three records per block) that need to appear in the grid. It would be nice if I could add/edit related records right on the layout, but I can live with a button opening a form for entering those records. At the moment, I can't figure out how to get the records to appear in the grid, much less display related data in each "cell."

(I've attached a screen shot of a Word table containing the grid's layout. The numbers in red are the block numbers.)

Sure, I can create a single record layout with a portal, but how do I get five of those across? Is this even possible?

Any help/suggestions would be very, very welcome.

Thanks :-D