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Formatting Problems and Difference between Button, Text Object, and Rectangle

Question asked by johnhorner on Jul 12, 2012


Formatting Problems and Difference between Button, Text Object, and Rectangle


I am experiencing some problems formatting various objects on my layout correctly in fmp12.  This particular example comes from a file recently converted from fmp11 and now has a layout theme (onyx touch) applied to it.

Problem 1: I have a button on my layout and i have removed the fill and line formatting (set to "none") yet it still shows a faint outline that seems reminiscent of the "engraved" option from .fp7 yet it is not listed as "engraved" as it normally is with legacy engraved formatted objects (see left most object in screenshot below).  Is there any way to get rid of this formatting (i want the object to be invisible)?

Problem 2: You will notice in the screenshot below that there are objects labelled as "text" and objects labelled as "button".  this refers to how they were created.  regardless of how they were created, they have all been assigned the same action in "button setup".  The two different pairs of objects (with gradient and without) have each been formatted identically in terms of everything i can see in the "appearance" tab of the inspector yet despite both the button and the text having "top alignment", you can see that they do not align the same and hte objects which were originally created as "buttons" have the text aligned very low and half clipped at the bottom.  I can use the format painter from the "text" field to the "button" and it resolves this problem, but is there a setting somewhere to control this behavior and apply a custom setting without using the format paitner (i don't always want to match all formatting exactly)?

Question 1: if an object is created as a text object and then assigned an action using "button setup", is it identical from that point on to an object created originally as a button?  What is the difference if any?

Question 2:  is there a quick easy way to tell the difference between a button, a text object, and a rectangle on the layout such as an "object type" listing somewhere?


please help... thanks!