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Formatting Question Straddles FM Advanced (8.5 and 10)

Question asked by MstrPBK on Sep 1, 2009
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Formatting Question Straddles FM Advanced (8.5 and 10)


A) While I am saving my pennies to to get FM 10 (beause of Snow Leopard) ...

B) Don't ask me HOW I solved this same problem over 9 years ago - i can't do i now.



A question has arisen about formatting of time units. I am in the mist of rewriting our Housing Co-ops Participation Database and have realized that basic feilds can be formated for HH:MM but not Summary Feilds ...  but well ... yes you can ... but FM 8.5 Advanced force feeds you the AM or PMl and the 12 or 24 hour limitation; and the seconds notation with the formatting.  These formating constructs are NOT what I need.  All I need is the summary total of the the monthly and annual totals without the seconcds being displayed; without a limit to number of hours; without a AM or PM notation.


Does FM 10 Advanced address this problem?

Can anyone help me deal with this problem?

OR am I doomed to have co-op members be agrivated with me for with the "messy" formating?


Peter Kelley

St. Paul, MN USA