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Formatting spaces

Question asked by user8294 on Nov 26, 2008
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Formatting spaces


I am currently using the "show custom dialogue" function to display a small sales report, which is fine but i would like to improve the way the data displays, the data is compiled within a variable as its not required to be kept after the report has been viewed


Example - This is how it currently displays


Origin                       Sales


E-Shot - £31900.00

Yellow Pages £19000.00


Example - This is how I would like it to appear


Origin                       Sales


E-Shot                  £31900.00

Yellow Page           £19000.00


The Variable is compiled in a loop using this fuction;

$StatText & $CurrentOrigin & " - " &  $TotalSales & ¶


I could easily work out how many spaces are required using the length fuction, but i dont know how to insert them as a calculation, I also dont know if it possible to add tabs into text as this was another option


Anny help would be greatly appreciated