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Formatting Sub-Summary Parts for Better Appearance

Question asked by dont88_1 on Dec 1, 2009
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Formatting Sub-Summary Parts for Better Appearance


I have created a three column report that counts the number of inquires received each month by source. Some months I may receive an inquiry from each source, say Phone, Mail, Email, Website, Visit. Other months I may only receive inquiries from three sources, not all five. The report has two parts, one that reports the number of inquires for each month and aerves as the header/label. The second part reports the number of inquires from each source within each month. The entire report will easily fit on a single three column page.


Everything works well as far as creating the counts of each source each month, but I don't like the fact that the "Month" part sometimes gets separated from the "Source" part. I could work around this by creating a page break after so many occurences, but since some months may have three sources and other months I may have four or five, that number of occurences varies from month to month. That sometimes places the "Month" header at the bottom of the column with one or more "Source" listings spilling over to the top of the next column. I've played with the formatting options for the parts, but nothing provides this "clean" grouping and appearance by keeping all sources for a given month grouped under that given month's part (heading).


Here is an example of my formatting:


     -Phone  20

     -Mail  3

     -Email  15

     -Website  1

     -Visit  2


     -Phone  30

     -Email  15

     -Visit  2