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Formatting Tab Controls (not individual tabs)

Question asked by johnnykrz on Aug 6, 2015


Formatting Tab Controls (not individual tabs)


Using FM 14, it seems that I can only format tabs and not the main box. I've created a custom theme starting with a duplicate of a packaged FM theme. In the original theme, tabs have drop shadows but I do not want them. I can change any attribute of the tabs in any state, but I can't format the box itself to remove the shadow. I also want to change the color of the top bar under the tabs and remove the border. I tried creating a new layout with the basic theme and copying it to the themed layout (which will usually hold the formatting for most objects), but with tabs it changes the formatting to the the theme and can't be changed. This is so frustrating! I don't want to have to recreate my whole theme just for a tab panel. Anyone else having this problem? I was surprised to not find any previous posts about this.