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formatting text labels and/or fields through script

Question asked by kmmikule on Sep 27, 2011
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formatting text labels and/or fields through script




I am working on my first web-compatible database, and realized that conditional formatting does not show up on a web-based system (please correct me if I am wrong!). I was hoping someone could explain how to change the font color of a text label.

So pretty much, I have a form for users to fill out. If the users miss some essential fields, I just want to highlight them red so they can see what they missed. I have a bunch of fields with corresponding labels (eg. name, phone number, email, etc). So I would be happy if either I could turn the text label red or highlight the background color of the field or some other approach. I am really not picky about exactly how this will work--whatever is easiest actually.

This is a trivial process with conditional formatting, but again, I have to do this through a script so that it is web compatible. In the script commands, I saw instructions to change color/style of text, but I was unable to get results. An example of how this would be used (if indeed this is the correct approach) would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much for your time!