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Formatting text to be send by SendMail

Question asked by PecCars on Nov 21, 2012
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Formatting text to be send by SendMail


     Is there any option to format text, particularly numbers in a text line ? Consider the following:

     - my app generates an offer along the lines of "2 items á 65 USD each     130 USD". The lines is created by concatenating several runtime variables via a script. Once the script is finished assembling the offer, it send it per sendmail.

     - issue: because the message includes a combination of numbers and text, the formatting of the text has not worked so far. If you consider the above example and look at "1.300 items á 5 USD each   6.500 USD" on a second line, you will see that the quantities are not aligned.

     I had been thinking originally for something similar to Excel where you can create a mask for a number, for instance #,###.## USD. The mask forces all numbers to have the same length. Back in FMP7 days this functionality did not exist.

     Is there any solution now with FMP Pro Advanced 12 ?

     Creating a PDF and sending it is nice but is not option because it is not practical.