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Former Developer Needs Help with FMP 10 Advanced

Question asked by voina on Jun 19, 2010
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Former Developer Needs Help with FMP 10 Advanced


I'm using FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced on a Mac (10.6.3), with Filemaker Server 11 hosting my file for a small network of users.


The last time I did extensive programming in FMP, it did not use "tables" -- it used relational databases.  THat may give someone a hint of why I'm struggling with certain aspects of the newer software.


My file is essentially the "charts" of the clients in our Alcohol & Drug treatment center.  Each TABLE represents a section of the chart.  The key is unique to each client.  


I've gotten lots and lots done to set this up, but am stuck on one thing I just can't seem to figure out...


We have a section of the chart for "Group Notes".  Individual Progress Notes are no problem, because you go to one record to enter them.  However, Group Notes may have a group of 12 or so individuals and the entry would have in common the group name, date and times group was held, facilitator name, location, etc.  Then, there would also be a generic note what happened in group that day.  


I would like to be able to have all that entered (into a portal? something else?) so that it is visible on the Group Notes page of each of the participants' "charts".  


I also have two fields (with radio buttons) indicating whether or not the client attended group and what their level of participation was.  Obviously, this is unique to each individual.  I don't mind asking the user to cycle through the clients manually to mark these two fields.  I just can't figure out how to get the common info fields and the unique info fields where I want them.  


I also want to add a unique info field for additional notes unique to that particular client.


Is this too complicated a question to pose on the forum?  (I probably should have put that question up front, huh?)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.