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           Need help with this formula:     If (${Vendor do not pay}::VN_Donotpay = 1; Round ( ((IN_LineItemPayableTotal / IN_LineItemInvoiceTotal) / -.01)+100;2)*.35) and INProfitRatio = ""

           This part of the formula works: Round ( ((IN_LineItemPayableTotal / IN_LineItemInvoiceTotal) / -.01)+100;2

           What i want is... if the vendor do not pay button = 1, then...

                         Take the rounded number

                          Multiply it by 35%

                          set the field inprofitRation to blank



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               and is a logical operator and that's not what you need here.

               You'll need to separate expressions, one that calculates the value and one that clears the INProfitRatio field

               But you have other issues here as you are testing the value of a field and then want to clear it. You may need to use a script performed from a script trigger to clear the VN_Donotpay field at the correct time.