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    Formula Help: Conditional Formatting



      Formula Help: Conditional Formatting & Record Count



      I need some help with my database I've got just about everything figured out, but I can't quite figure out these 2 formulas:

      1. Conditional formatting. I'm trying to something Table::ID = $$Subj1RecordNum and [IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction Start) = False] and [IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction End) = True] then do formatting...
      3. I'm trying to create a report-out on my layout of the total number of records in the database with a criteria. Am I looking for a 'Merge Field' here? I tried to create another table with 1 column linked to Table::ID. I then tried to make a calculated field (in the new table) but I couldn't quite get there. I'm trying to do:  Get ( TotalRecordCount ) (from Table::ID ) where [IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction End) = True] and Table::Bad Data = "Bad Data"

      Any direction you can provide for me here will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!

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          1. You'll need to explain that from the context of what result you want and also from the context of what your data in your table(s) look like. For example, I have no idea what value is being assigned the global variable and how. You also haven't indicated how this goes wrong for you and that can be an important clue.

          2. There are many different ways to count records. One is to perform a find for all criteria matching your specified criteria and the get ( FoundCount ) will tell you the count. Summary fields and the count function can also count your records if used correctly. Both count and summary fields will likely need a correct relationship that matches only to the records you want to count, though a summary field can also be placed inside a filtered one row portal to show such a count as well. ExecuteSQL can also count this data.

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            Thanks for taking the time to respond.

            1. Basically I have different subject's I'm monitoring at the same time. The global variable is being assigned a number. I'm trying to change the color of the subject button when activity looking at them. The conditional formatting should look up the subjects ID number and if the start time is not null and end time is null (it means they are being monitored) the formatting should be applied. An example without the variable would be "Find where Table::ID = 1 and IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction Start) = False and IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction End) = True". I think I'm running into the problem because when I switch to a different subject I'm switching to a different record number. I think I need to find $$Subj1RecordNum in the field Table::ID and if that records IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction Start) = False and IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction End) = True then apply formatting.
            3. Thanks I'll play around with these options and see if I can get the result I'm looking for.
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              Ah I got it! I'm looking for GetNthRecord. Basically this works for me IsEmpty ( GetNthRecord ( Table::Main Transaction Start ; $$Subj1RecordNum ) ) = False (there is a little more tweaking I have to do but I'm basically there).