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Formula Help: Conditional Formatting

Question asked by ShawnSafdar on Oct 14, 2014
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Formula Help: Conditional Formatting & Record Count



I need some help with my database I've got just about everything figured out, but I can't quite figure out these 2 formulas:

  1. Conditional formatting. I'm trying to something Table::ID = $$Subj1RecordNum and [IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction Start) = False] and [IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction End) = True] then do formatting...
  3. I'm trying to create a report-out on my layout of the total number of records in the database with a criteria. Am I looking for a 'Merge Field' here? I tried to create another table with 1 column linked to Table::ID. I then tried to make a calculated field (in the new table) but I couldn't quite get there. I'm trying to do:  Get ( TotalRecordCount ) (from Table::ID ) where [IsEmpty(Table::Main Transaction End) = True] and Table::Bad Data = "Bad Data"

Any direction you can provide for me here will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!