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Formula/Calculation Help

Question asked by AndrewOlson on Aug 9, 2012
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Formula/Calculation Help


Hey, can anyone help me with a formula? should be super simple... I just can't seem to write it out so FileMaker understands it..

Basically have just a few different variables..


Window Count = W

House Level = L

Base Price = Bp (Starts at $25.00)

Exterior Price = Ep (= $2.00)

Interior Price = Ip


Forumla i'm trying to write is kind of as follows... 


If L is less than 2 then use Bp & Ep and then divide the W by 3 times it by (Ep x 3)....

If the W=12 in this paticular situation, then the answer would = $49.00



Can someone help me write this forumla to make since within FileMaker.. Like I said I don't think it would be that hard, yet im' struggling pretty bad.. ANY help would be most appreciated! thanks all