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    Forum (not FM) help



      Forum (not FM) help



           I know this isn't the best place to post this question but I couldn't find any other help.  The email address on my account is from my old company.  I can view it in Settings > Account but I can't change it.  As a result, I don't receive emails from the forum.

           Anyone run into this problem?  Solution suggestions?

           Sorry to clutter up the FM Forum but I didn't see any Forum support functions I could use


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               You aren't cluttering up the forum. wink

               If I recall a post by TSGal you can change this info, but you have to get to  the screen where you manually enter your user name and password to log in. I've been trying to bring up that screen to gain access, but haven't selected the right combination of links to get to it as my browser keeps logging me in automatically to this forum....

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                 Thanks!  I got it. 

                 Not really sure how.  Just went to login page, selected "my account" before logging in.  Then when I logged in there was an option to update my account settings.  I've never seen that page before.  The solution  could be as simple as that.  Although I did press everyother available button before hand so it could have been a wierd combination of steps as well