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    Forum Issues


      Forum Issues


      I get captcha requests nearly every time I post - and on my iphone, the captcha pop up doesnt appear so my posts fail - is this just me or are others suffering? I didnt think this forum was particularly prone to spammers or malware so is it actually required?

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          It's very prone. The Captcha slows them down to a manageable level. Instead of hundreds of spam posts per category, we have to remove dozens of posts.

          yes, it breaks the forum for iOS--another example of how crappy a job RightNow did with the forum software.

          yes it's an annoyance, but having a forum so flooded with SPAM that you can't use it is even worse.

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            It is a bummer because I like to check out the forum at nite from my iPad, but cant comment until I get back to work the next day.  I guess there's no way to either

                a)  get captcha to work for IOS

                b)  do something else for post validation?

            At some point cant they just make the ability for people who are verified, or have no posting/spam complaints to avoid captcha

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              It is my understanding that the folks at FileMaker inc. are exploring and evaluating many options. All of the "quick fixes" have been tested and/or considered. Any further fixes would be middle to long term fixes--the type I couldn't discuss even if I knew what they planned.