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    Forum Oddity



      Forum Oddity


      Not sure where this should be posted, so a redirect would be welcomed.


      Pressing return/enter to start a new paragraph seems to move the insertion point to the top left corner of the current post, rather than to a new line below the last line of the current message. Great if you want to start writing with the final paragraph of your post and work back from there; not so hot if you write in the 'traditional' manner. ;-)

      Do I have a wrong setting somewhere (Where?), or is this something that should be fixed in the forum software?



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          This would be probably better posted to either Report an Issue or Feedback where techs that work for FileMaker are much more likely to see it. If you do that, please identify the browser software and operating system that you are using. When I press the return key (on the Qwerty part of the keyboard), using WIndows 7 and Firefox, I do not get this behavior.