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    Forum Tab buttons don't work in Firefox



      Forum Tab buttons don't work in Firefox


           The forum tab buttons (Announcements <---> My Stuff) don't work in Firefox Vs 17.0.1, Win XP - they aren't even recognized as a button (no 'Hand' on mouse-over).  They do work in IE.

           And the forum still runs like molasses (as a lot of people have been saying).  Both faults are really off-putting, and the lack of response to the speed issue alone is not very encouraging.

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               Yep, and I've made sure that the folks at FileMaker have been kept aware of the issues. They have privately expressed their frustration with RightNow--the company whose hardware and software hosts the forum part of their website, to me as well.

               Speed did improve for awhile, though it was still nothing to write home about. Now it seems to have slipped back into "treacle" mode again. angry

               The tabs do work with FireFox in Windows 7. On other platforms, I use book marks to access the other sections of the forum.