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Found contacts and related contacts

Question asked by techccaq on Nov 10, 2009
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Found contacts and related contacts




We have 2 tables:  Customers and customers related.


In customers tables, I have a person called Roger Harris.  In customers related, For this particular contacts, I have two related contacts:  Brenda Harris and Jasmine Harris. etc...


I already have a calculation field to calculate my customers.


I use the customers table to show information for my



My reports looks like

Customers Total :  11

Customers : 4


Name                                 Related 

Harris,Roger                        Harris, Brenda

                                        Harris, Jasmine


Brooks, Tony                       Brooks,Linda

                                        Brooks, Eve

                                        Brooks, Tommy


Preston, Joe                       


Carter, Tom                        Carter, Jessy

                                       Carter, Frank




I would like to know how many customers I have.  In this situation, I have 4 customers.  I have the calculation field for that and I have a full total.

I also want the total of all.  In this situation, I should have 11 customers total.


My problem is when I launch the browse mode, I see 11 customers total if I select the last record.  If I select the first record, I only see the 6 record:  4 record for customers and 6 for customer total.


In Preview Mode, I see 4 customers and 9 customers related on first page but I'm unable to reach 11 customers related on second page. 


In my preview mode, I have a header, Body and Foother.


Is it possible to have the right number in the preview mode, on all the pages.