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    Found Count



      Found Count




      I hope someone can help me with my problem.


      I have created a Holiday request database for work. Now what I need is that once a member of staff has logged in and booked there holiday, a manager will then log in and be told on his menu how many holidays they have to authorise. 


      I know it has something todo with found count but I can't get it to function at all 


      Please Please Please could someone help me its the last little bit I need todo to finish this off


      Thanks in advance

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          I dont quite understand what your scenario is. From what you have stated it seems as though you would like for an employee to submit a request and then a manager to review those request.


          I think that I may approach it this way. Have a approval status date field that gets set when the manager either approves or denies a request. So when the manager goes to the requests layout and searches for records that does not yet have anything in that dat field then those are the records that he has to triage. This process can be scripted.


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            Thanks for the reply  


            That is what Im trying to do but it doesnt seem to work it looks like this on the screen. Now when the manager logs in thats the screen they see. So what I want todo is for them to get a 'quick look' at how many records they have to authorise.


            Hope thats a bit clearer



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              Like I said, a script can do a find for those records that do not have a date. Then that found set would be the records he needs to process. Another option is to use a filtered portal but that would require slighly more work and again I still dont know your structure.