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Found Set - No Duplicates

Question asked by brodlang on Aug 27, 2012
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Found Set - No Duplicates


I need a way to create a found set of only unique records.

E.g: I have 100 records with 10 fields.  I need to make a found set based on only 5 of the fields.  But I don't want any duplicates.  If the data across these 5 fields is different in any way from all the other records, I would have a found set of 100.  But if 10 should have the exact same data across these 5 fields, then my found set should be 91 records.

These found sets will become "Headings" or parents to the records they originally came from. 

In another life I could do this simply by inserting the found records into a new table that woudn't allow duplicates.  Does FMP have a similar function, or do you have any suggestions that aren't too technical?  My programming skills are limited.  Doing this in a few different steps is acceptable if necessary.