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    found set and constrain found set confusion



      found set and constrain found set confusion


           I am trying to program a data picker window which filters a simple list from a table and omit one or more specific record.

           Unfortunately I am not successful to formulate a script that achieve what I did in SQL.

           I actually formulated it with RAZOR-SQL against my Filemaker DB and it  delivers  exactly what I request): 

           "__kp_kontoNr" , "kontoName"
           Where "__kp_kontoNr" <> 8000 
           AND     Cast ( "__kp_kontoNr" as Varchar(4) ) LIKE '%0%'


           In Filemaker I can do the parts, but I cannot bring it altogether:

           Enter Find Mode
           set field __kp_kotoNr 8000
            Perform Find
           omit Record
           ... and...

           enter find mode
           set field  __kp_kontoNr:*0*
           perform find 

            I appreciate any help. Thanks

           (It is a pity that we cannot fire SQL Statements against the own  FM file to retrieve a found set - maybe I missed something :-( )