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    Found set not printing



      Found set not printing


           Hello all,

               I have a list view layout created that displays a found set based on a script I made. When I run the script it presents me with the found set exactly how I want it in the list. When I go to print, I make sure "Records Being Browsed" is selected in the print options. However, it will only print one line item from the list. So on the screen, I see all the items in the found set. In the page browser at the top it shows 27/2500 or what ever the found set may be, but still only one item prints out instead of the full list. I do notice that there is a little black bar located to the left of the line items and as I progress forward or backwards with the navigation buttons that black bar moves up and down the list accordingly. What ever item the black bar is next to is what prints. How do I get it to print the entire list? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

           Thank you.

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               That "black bar"is the current record indicator. It really sounds like you are printing with "Current Record" selected instead of "records being browsed".

               What do you get if you enter preview mode?

               What do you get if you save as PDF with records being browsed?

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                 So I have attatched some screen shots so you can see my workflow here and, what I beleive to be the correct settings. Perhaps you will prove me wrong. 

                 Picture 01 shows my screen when I try to print after I have run the script to find records

                 Picture 02 is the report saved as a PDF (also exactly what I get when I print)

                 Picture 03 is a screen shot of the report in preview mode

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                       Why is there a warning triangle in your printer name in pic #1?

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                         If you have access to a different printer. Try printing to it and see if that makes a difference. Once in a while someone discovers that their particular printer does not "play nice" with FileMaker (or is it the opposite?). Sometimes an updated driver downloaded from the printer company's website fixes the issue and sometimes not.

                         What version of FileMaker are you using?

                         You might also, as a test, try creating a completely new layout based on the same table occurrence and try printing from it. If you try this, do not copy and paste anything from your original layout to the test layout. (This tests to see if your layout is corrupted.)

                         You might even try creating a brand new from scratch test file with a few records and try printing to your printer from it as a test.