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Found set on a range

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Oct 29, 2014
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Found set on a range


This is the data I'm trying to do a found set on. A Zip code I could get from my customer is 84101. The snipit represents one record with this zip range in it... from 84087-84244. Because 84101 is not in/a the record, it will not produce a found set. 

How do i structure my script so i get this range with out knowing the range. If I go over, or under I won't get the right found set. This is a UT zip for SLC. For this vendor they have 4 locations in UT. In other states they could have as many as 12 location in the state... which means if I don't hit it exactly it will put me into the next location instead of the one i want to do the found set on.