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Found set problem

Question asked by DevlinDean on Feb 25, 2014
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Found set problem


     If I generate any Found Set and then switch to another window to use it later elsewhere, I immediately lose it.

      I asked previously for help on forums: I was told Found Sets where window specific, that Filemaker did not work that way, that I was misusing it, etc .....

     All hints and solutions given referred to notions I did not master.


     So I found my own solution: I import my Found Set into an empty table that is a clone of another table.

     For example:  Client is my table, ClientFiltered is its clone table.

     I can then use that table whenever and wherever I need it, then delete its content when moving back to a top menu.

     However, the Find command only works because I compare a field to a variable that contains a date range or range of values.

     But now for my new application, I have to compare a field in a table to a field in another table.

     Like Table1:ID = Table2:ID      This always returns 'no records found' message.

     I tried to play around relations and TO but no success.

     Is there an obvious way around this?