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Foxpro developer. Looking at FileMaker

Question asked by wyattbiker on Nov 17, 2009
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Foxpro developer. Looking at FileMaker


I am confused about all the different packages.


I have a client with 6 employees and has a windows server 2003. Wants me to develop a small program that taps into a payroll app that uses DBFs, displays data to the user, lets them edit and do some calculations and then export the data as Excel.


What I need is the ability to 1) Make an executable to redistribute without the client having to pay runtimes. 2) Connect to MySQL or other ODBC. 3) Able to import/export XML. 3) Ability to access over the Intranet so i dont install this on every workstation.


Which Filemaker do I need and do i need additional add ons?