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FoxPro to FM Advice

Question asked by BarrySmith on Jun 14, 2011
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FoxPro to FM Advice


In the mid 80s I wrote a series of programs using FoxPro for my sole practitioner law office to keep tract of my clients and accounts receivable (basically an accounting program). I have it running on Visual FoxPro using Parallels on my mac. Except for changes made in 1999 for year 2000, the database structure and programs (which were not rewritten for VFP) are what I originally wrote (mainly using my then dBase knowledge). In other words, it looks like an old dBase program.

I am thinking about rewriting the programs using FM. My question is how difficult it will be to convert the databases. I set it up using one relational main database and several other sub-databases.

And, are there any programs out there that will take a dBase or FoxPro program and convert the program to FM? Or am I better off, as I suspect, learning FM and converting my old FoxPro databases.

Any help would be most appreciated.