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FP 9.4 losing some photos? not others?

Question asked by carljohansson on Sep 18, 2009
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FP 9.4 losing some photos? not others?


We are using FP9.4 to build a data base of tardigrades (microscopic animals).  As part of the data - we enter 2 or 3 photos.  we went with filemaker specifically because it saves the photos as part of the database -  correct?  The photos do not reside in another area - correct?


anyway this is a fairly large data base (for us at least) of 12 gigs.  we put in the photos -  but every time we transfer the info onto another hard drive or another computer -  some of the photos disappear -  others are still there.  My original thought was that some researchers were saving as a file -  others as a picture.  so we reenter over 500 photos, saving all as pictures - all show up -  then we put it onto a hard drive - reopen it -  and like magic they have dissapeared again.  The photos are there when we open the data base on the computer -  but back it up to an external  hard drive -  and there are photos missing in the hard drive data.


anyone have any ideas -  I can't keep going back and rentering hundereds of photos -  only to have the disappear again.


I am not a data base expert -  or even a computer guru -  I'm a biologist for heck sakes -  so I'm handicapped already!


any help/ ideas?


thanks in advance

Carl Johansson