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    FP5 conversion to FP 7



      FP5 conversion to FP 7


           I have used FM 6 and created a database (FP5)

           now iam using FM 11 and have convert my old database for this version (FP7)

           when i open my converted database FM 11 is  asking for account name and password

           my old database asked for password only

           How do i Know what the account name sould be  from this converted database

           when i use Guest  i can open it and looks fine.  

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               With FP7 files there is now both account names and passwords. And the passwords are now case sensitive when they were not in FP5 files.

               During conversion, FileMaker will take any existing password and create an account where the account name is also the password. So you should be able to enter the password as both the account name and then also the password to open the file. Then you can go to the correct option in the File Menu to change your account name so that it no longer matches the password.

               You may also find that you can open the newly converted file with an account name of "admin" with the password box left empty.

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