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FP7  on windows/mac what to do?

Question asked by J_ph on May 9, 2010
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FP7  on windows/mac what to do?


I need some sage advice. I'm using FP7 for invoices/estimates etc. I originally wrote this in FP1 or 2..... a long time ago.


So here's my dilemma, it still works,  I'm running it on  2 computers, a Mac 10.5.8 ( I'm still waiting for an update of Retrospect to move up to SL), and on an XP box. 


I see that FP11 upgrades no longer accept FP7 so I would need to pay for a full upgrade for both platforms. Here are my questions ( I hope I'm not asking too much for my first post )


1. Should I keep FP7 if it still works?  will I encounter OS problems with SL or a new Windows 7 box?


2. Should I look for an older version of FP that accepts FP7 as a upgrade path? ( which ones do and is there one of the newer versions that was better than the others, 8,9,10, I don't really need any new features )


3. Will the newer versions of FP import the database and structure ( very simple setup)


4. Are upgrades online registration or just use my old serial numbers ( will Filemaker still allow me to upgrade to an older such as 9 or 10 )


5. If I don't need to share the database ( I use both of the mac/pc computers) do I need 2 upgrades or will one upgrade work for 2-cross platform installs?


any other thoughts you might have would be very appreciated.


regards, j