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fp7 files for Mac and for Win System?

Question asked by BarbaraMaier on Sep 19, 2011
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fp7 files for Mac and for Win System?


Hi all,

1. May I open an fp7 file (which I saved it under Mac System before) under Win System and vice versa?

And what about Filemaker PRO Version? Do I have to buy a version for Win System for Win System and Mac for Mac or is there only one version for both operating systems?

2. May I lock up my fp7 file for other people? I mean e.g. I do some tables, variables and so on, but I don't want to show other persons my 'content' (my structure, tables, variables and so on). Is this possible, that others can put data into the database and other permissions, but they can't see what tables and variables I put in and they can't copy them.

Thank you very much in advance!

best wishes,