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Free Real Estate Agent Solution Project

Question asked by MarkPerrine on Aug 16, 2014
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Free Real Estate Agent Solution Project


     I hope to connect here with other FM experts and other real estate agents who are looking for a good Mac solution to keep track of their prospects, clients and transactions as agents. 

     My Dilemma

     There is no low-cost CRM solution for agents like me where I can control only the information I wish to see without all the other bells and whistles that I do not need.  The last solution that made sense was ACT about 15 years ago- but they are non-existent for Mac.  I see awesome-looking products such as R.E.S.T. and Core 4 based on FMP framework but they are 1.) too expensive for me, 2.) locked.

     I do not need:

  •           Live ODBC connections to the MLS
  •           Live connections to web pages or web data
  •           Auto fill connections to Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist
  •           Integration into my iCal and Mail is not crucial buy would like to consider that for the future


     My Wants

     I simply wish to see all the details of my clients in a single view with tabbed portals taking me to other relevant information about that client and their transaction.  Practically speaking- I wish for this FM solution to hold me accountable to performing the steps required for each transaction.

     Here are the main functions I need in my solution:

  •           Information about my contacts (customers, vendors, prospects) and their family members (family relationship, birthdays, anniversary, pets)
  •           Information about vendors such as lenders, inspectors, title companies along with their representatives (included in the CONTACT table, I presume).
  •           Transaction checklist making sure that I complete every step in a multi-step process for that client. Applies to BUYERS or SELLERS.
  •           Listing checklist making sure that I complete every step in a multi-step process for that client.  Applies to SELLERS.
  •           Detailed information about property that I manually enter for each record.

     Present buyers may become future sellers.  Contacts may have multiple roles in my business over time or at the same time.  Example:  A vendor such a Mortgage Rep working for a lender may also be my BUYING CLIENT.

     SIMPLE LAYOUT- see pic

     My ERD is where I'm struggling.  I haven't yet figure out the relationships between tables and table occurances.  Attached is what I have so far but  I'm stumped.

     The Zip Code table should be accessible by all vendors and contacts and companies.