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FREEWARE - DAM developed by Museums

Question asked by xbb on Sep 25, 2009
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FREEWARE - DAM developed by Museums & libraries - want to add exhibition items


I just downloaded the DAMD (Digital Asset Management Database) off of 





Its a free filemaker base program to manage assets conforming to museum and library standards and formats. I'm trying to expand it for single artist use; I want to add "EXHIBITION", basically another "GROUP". I was successful in creating the EXHIBITION but I'm having trouble creating the EXHIBITION ITEMS a portal to the ITEMS where you can add specific items to specific exhibitions but right now its just opening up the GROUP ITEMS.


Also, after downloading the program I already experience a bug. I can't seem to delete the GROUP ITEMS on the UI GROUPS table but I can still delete the ITEMS on the UI ITEMS and UI CREATOR.


The backend and scripting seems pretty intense, for more info and the program check out the URL and helpppp!!!!


I eventually want to expand it to include sales, loans, collections, venue, lectures, commissions etc.d


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 Project Partners:




  • University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
  • Oakland Museum of CA
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Libraries & Library Organizations
  • University of Illinois Library
  • California Digital Library
  • RLG (formerly Research Libraries Group)
  • UC Berkeley Library & Bancroft Library