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    Freez Window, Flash



      Freez Window, Flash & Pop


           I have been able to get results in most of my Scripts using the Freeze Window step. The only ones that don’t seem to work is the one that go to Enter Find Mode or Perform Find. I have read some information warning that certain other Steps in a script will cancel it out. Does Enter Find Mode or Perform Find cancel out the Freeze Window Script Step? A question I would like to know if it can be answered that simply, is can you have the process that uses Enter Find Mode or Perform Find in a script not make the screen flash or redraw with the Freeze Window Step or some other procedure?

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               Does Enter Find Mode or Perform Find cancel out the Freeze Window Script Step?

               It shouldn't unless you enable the "pause" check box for Enter FInd Mode. Anything that pauses your script can negate Freeze Window. I think even an extra Freeze Window step can do that also such as a script that uses Freeze window and then uses perform script to perform another script that also has Freeze Window.

               Also the New Window command will negate freeze window as the freeze window step applies to the window that was selected (current) at the time the script step was executed.

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                 SOLVED! I have discovered that my solution is not Flashing and Redrawing the screen, it is FileMaker. Not having enough experience with FileMaker I did not know that the Formatting Toolbar when turned on will make entering find mode jump. This was not easy to detect because I had it hidden, but it still makes the screen jump hidden or not. Now I am on Windows 8 and I tested this on Windows 7 and XP as well. It did exactly the same. I will not be able to test on my Mac until I get in my office. After looking at many thing to try to get to the bottom of this and none of it changing the situation I decided to do some thorough trouble shooting to determine what is causing this. I had made plenty of incremental backups so I was comparing them at a granular level. When I discovered the two versions where this stared happening I compared them and determined that there was not anything that would cause this flash on one or the other based on the design whether schema or graphics. That is when I started paying attention to the interface.

                 While trying to get to the bottom of this I discovered some interesting topics and learned a great deal in the process. I love this because I know this knowledge will be well used in my pursuit of becoming as proficient with FileMaker as possible. I will post some of the useful content here so it may help other users whose problem is not as simple as mine.

                 These links were useful reading and I will add them to way to do things in FileMaker I love the concept of doing thing on a window off screen! How intuitive. The great advice was given to me by another FileMaker user to Enter Find Mode before switching to a layout. In these links there is some similar good advice about (especially if you are using the off screen method) understanding the importance of Commit Record Request. When I tried the off screen method without paying attention to this it would not work. I keep getting error messages that I believe relate to Record Locking



                 But here is all I had to do. I guess it is the way it works (please tell me If it is not supposed to be that way), but it seems like when not displayed the on or off should be not matter? So providing that it is off you can do it like the pic. Once again I know for experienced users this may be remedial or obvious, however I post here to help anybody dealing with what I was dealing with.