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Freeze Window problems

Question asked by PrathameshDatar on Jun 18, 2011
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Freeze Window problems


I know this topic has been discussed, but even after doing most of the suggestions given in those posts, I wasn't able to solve my problem, so I thought I should put my problem up. 

Well it's the classic Freeze Window scenario. At the start of the script I have the Freeze Window step ( as it's the window in which the user pressed the button to start the execution of the script ) . The screen should remain static and finally update itself at the end of the script to show the effected changes. 

It was working fine till about a couple of days ago. I added a new feature yesterday that adds a new record in another table ( which other steps in the script before were doing ) and enters about 6 to 7 fields of data. Although we can see that table for only about half a second, it's really annoying as the color changes from my layout theme, to the white and black of the table layout. 

I've tried to put my head around it, but here's my structure of the script 

Start script : 

Freeze Window 

Edit some fields

<Go To Layout "Some Layout" >

Make some changes

Create a new record 

Delete records 

<Go To Layout "Original Layout" >

Edit some fields again

Finish Script

And I don't know what I'm doing wrong. i'm not using any 'New Window Script'. The layout is appearing in the active window. 

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.