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Freeze Window will not freeze .... grrrr

Question asked by synergy46 on Aug 23, 2012
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Freeze Window will not freeze .... grrrr


Below is my code.  As it runs (IN FM 12 v2 Adv) I can see it ignore the freeze window commands.  It doesn't matter how many such commands I use or where I put them.... what am I missing?

BTW I know the Freeze command after the Loop should work BEFORE the loop... but it did not work in that location... So, I put it inside the loop so that it gets executed on each iteration.  It did not make a difference....

BTW2, every time the script executes GO TO OBJECT it actives a ON OBJECT MODIFY script.  Here is the catcher:  "When I check the object script triggers, there isn't a ON OBJECT MODIFY trigger running a script ... or any other trigger being activated.   Huh?