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    Freezing column



      Freezing column


      I have a lot of columns in a table.  To see them all, I have to scroll to the right so that the first few columns aren't visible.  One of those first columns I'd like to always be visible.  Is there a way to freeze it, such as the same feature in Excel and Numbers?

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          You can set up several layouts to the same table, leaving the left hand columns the same, but changing the columns on the right. Use layout setup... to enable the header for table view and put some buttons in the header to click between layouts.

          If you redesign your database to convert the columns of data into a related table of records, you might be able to use a series of filtered portals where you run a script to udpate the portals to pull up different subsets of your data in columns to the right of your "fixed" columns. This would be a kind of "enhanced" horizontal portal trick.