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frequency reports

Question asked by FayWouk on May 20, 2010
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frequency reports


version: 10.0v3
operating system:Mac OS 10.5.8

my database:
I am an academic and my databases are for research. I’m looking at linguistics data, and for each piece of data (generally a clause), I code for 20 or 30 different factors. Each factor has several possible values. Some of these are numeric, many are not. Even when they are numeric, in no case do I ever want to sum any values.

what I want to do:
I want to get reports that will tell me, for a given field, how many instances of each of the possible values there are. So if a field has 10 possible values, and I have 1000 or 1500 records in the data base, I would want a list of those 10 values, and for each value the number of times that value occurred.

my level of experience:
I’ve been using FileMaker for many years, but only to create and fill databases, and then use sort and find commands to get frequencies. This is a very clumsy and error-prone way of conducting my research.

I’m not very technically inclined, and not terribly good at understanding the filemaker manual. I can’t seem to make the leap from the generally business oriented examples  that are usually used to the type of work I do. I need a step-by-step description of what I would need to do.