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Freshly purchased copy of FileMaker Pro 14 crashes at launch

Question asked by DavidFeng on Jul 11, 2015
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Freshly purchased copy of FileMaker Pro 14 crashes at launch


I'm sorry to report a very disappointing case here where a freshly purchased & downloaded copy of FileMaker Pro 14 crashed at launch. The serial number was keyed in at installation, and registration was completed. I next proceeded to launch the app (version 14.0.1) on a MacBook Pro 15-inch (Retina) running OS X 10.9.5, and at launch, proceeded to enter the license key again. Right after entering it and clicking OK, the app quit on its own (it would do the same even if I attempted to use it in Trial version). I later realised there might have been font issues (after googling about this), so I went ahead and removed any and all fonts Font Book said was causing headaches. Following a restart and more tweaking, including a re-installation of the app, I am sorry and disappointed to report no progress has been made. Any assistance will be much appreciated. It is extremely frustrating to pay for a legit copy, only to find that this was in essence a dead-upon-arrival install.

Update: Twice have I tried to restore the standard set via Font Book, then at least try using the new software in Trial mode. Also twice have I purged the Preferences file. All this sadly to no avail.