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Question asked by jeffd on Apr 14, 2010
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Friendly Technical Advice


I am a current FM Pro10 V3 user on an XP platform.

We have hit our 9 + 1 user limit on the filemaker network so now I need to go the server route.

Question #1. I want to install the server on a separate PC that basically filemaker alone.

To get optimum performance what should I look for in the processor?

Questions#2. Is it worth the extra dollars to get the FM 11 Server advanced?

If "Yes" to this question, should I also get the FM 11 advanced with advanced server or does this matter?

Question #3. When converting the FM Pro 10 V3 database files over to FM 11 server, Is there anything special I

need to look for when doing this?


You know I really appreciate this forum, without it I doubt many of us can do without your help.


Thanks very much!