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From Bento > FMPro 11 > Web

Question asked by Globalksp on May 22, 2010


From Bento > FMPro 11 > Web


I am new to databases and have little experience with FM Pro 11. Bento 3, being as user friendly as it is has been easy to learn. I'm running on Snow Leopard.


I created a database of items for sale in Bento 3. I am wanting to convert / export / create web pages on my website to display the information in this database in an attractive manner. Ideally, I would also be able to have an order form that fed directly off of / into the database.


I'm selling 100 items and don't wish to go through the time consuming task of entering this items in one by one into a File Maker Pro database.


I've attempted to import the Bento data into Filemaker, however, my fields don't match up and I can't figure out how. I've searched the tutorials and am still, sadly, stuck.


If there is a way to bypass FM Pro and export the Bento data to HTML, that would work (i've played with exporting Bento data to PDF, then converting the PDF to HTML but the final result was too small to view on the  web.)


To see a sample record from this database and the format I'm hoping to stick with click here for the pdf:


Thanks for your help.