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From FM11 to FM12 Now Running Very Slow

Question asked by Jtmwalk on Sep 24, 2012
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From FM11 to FM12 Now Running Very Slow


     I recently loaded FM12 and was running FM11.  This is a new design and FM11's screens, reports, in/out of design were all 'snapping' from window to window.  Now that I have upgraded to FM12, I am getting constant hour glasses, screens are freezing blank for anywhere from 10-30 seconds before completing the mode or screen switch.  Also as this is a new program still in design process, I am only working with about 10 records to beta test, and all the find functions in FM12 are showing the Find Progress bar and taking awhile to load and switch.  I am concerned that once I put live data in this with about 10,000 plus records, my employees will all take early retirement.

     I increased the cache thinking it would have some effect, to no avail.

     I must be missing something quite simple, I hope.

     Can anyone help me resolve this speed issue?

     Thank you all in advance.