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Frustrated with COPY FORMATS, TABLES

Question asked by YoSappy on Feb 26, 2013
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     OK, this is really frustrating..............Why can't we simply COPY A TABLE FORMAT FROM ONE FILE TO ANOTHER?  The Helper File says that you can do it with the Manage Database Table commands but it does not work.  It copies the entire Table and all its records, and adds a new relationship, as well.  THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  I am certain that the older versions of Filemaker had this capability to easily copy a format in one file and paste it into another file because I remember doing it many years ago.  In my opinion, this is a BASIC FUNCTION that should never have been deleted.  Now, we have to create every tiny format from scratch, in all tables.  This is a total waste of time and money!  Whoever made this STUPID DECISION needs to be fired!  You also can't copy Layouts from other files either, like we could before.  So, instead of making my life easier, now this new version of Pro Advanced has taken me back about 15 years, to where I have to do everything ONE PIECE AT A TIME, IN EVERY FILE.  I might as well use pencil, paper and a copy machine again because that took much less time.  Please tell me that I am missing should not be this difficult.