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    frustrating  - FM Pro 10



      frustrating  - FM Pro 10


      I probably make something very wrong, since I just can't understand why...


      How can I get the right picture to show in my Form-fields (Table2).

        Engl. in Table2 is a drop-down menu, that gets it's value from Table1 (summary of all (Eng.) fields).

      I manage to get the picture to show, when it's only ONE "look-up"...    but I want FOUR.


      What am I making wrong?



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          You need to describe your design in much more detail.

          My best guess is that you need to use a portal to Table 1 on your Table 2 layout. That that guess is based on guesses that I am making about your design that may not be correct.

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            I don't think a Portal can solve this...


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              Which is why I asked for more detail.

              Using a portal still makes sense to me here.

              Selecting a "good" can definitely set up a reference to records with the same "source", that can be the basis for a portal filter or a relationship.

              But I repeat that you haven't given me or anyone else reading your most much information about your design to work from.

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                Hi PhilModJunk,

                  Thanks for your answers.    What exact kind of additional info do you need? I don't understand..


                I still can't get it to work, as it should.   -  I tried your portal-suggestion...   but with no success.

                Now, I tried a different approach;  by trying to set the pict-field in the front end by a calculated look-up. (triggered by the Name-selection).   Even THIS doesn't work!!!



                   There's something wrong with this typing-field here in this forum. When I RETURN, my cursor creates a new line, but jumps UP to the beginning of text!!    very strange.


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                  What you describe is a known issue with Safari. It does not happen with other browsers. If you have at least one character, such as a space to the right of your cursor, pressing return will not jump to the top.

                  In a few weeks this forum will be merged into the FileMaker community and all new software will be in place.

                  The portal will work  as far as I can tell. But you still haven't given me enough information about your database for me to to show you how to make it work.